"I loved reflecting back on the birth experience with our doula. It was amazing to relive the experience and get perspective from her since she witnessed the process from the outside looking in. You miss so many details when you are concentrating on giving birth and there are things that you and perhaps your husband, forgets. This was one of my favorite times. Cori asked me a lot of questions about my recovery and how I was doing emotionally and physically. She also asked about breastfeeding, about the babys progress and how my husband was doing in all of this. I thought that was amazing that she wanted to make sure we were ok and coping on all levels as we were transitioning into parenthood. I felt like I could really open up about every detail and that she genuinely cared, had time for us and wanted to listen. It was really great to share some of the challenges and hear her take on those. She was very comforting and offered much support and advice in great detail. All our questions were answered, and some! We had an amazing connection, like we'd been friends for years. Cori is so great and it was an all around awesome experience."

I recently had my second daughter and was lucky to have Cori as our doula. While my first pregnancy was fairly straight forward, this second one had some complications along the way that ultimately changed my birth plan just hours before birth. Cori was an amazing resource for information along the way, an emotional support person who understood how I was feeling and knew exactly what to say and when. She cared deeply about me without being intrusive. Cori is like a best friend who has seen it all. She can anticipate a moms needs before she can herself. When I needed to have hospital testing right before birth Cori was there and her support never wavered. During labor Cori was hands on as I asked her to be and was incredible at helping manage discomfort and also explaining hospital procedures that were foreign to me making me feel very comfortable during the entire experience. She made efforts to ensure as much of my birth plan was followed as possible. Cori goes above and beyond expectation bonding with my other daughter and taking a holistic approach to the whole birth experience. She encapsulated my placenta and also provided a beautiful print for me to cherish. I would recommend Cori to any mama! She was a key part of a happy birth experience and I will be forever grateful for her service.

"Our son ended up coming 10 weeks early. My water broke and I was admitted to antepartum until I gave birth. Given that our son was arriving so early, we weren't sure that Cori would be able to assist us. She was honest with us in that she hadn't attended premature births before, but if we wanted her there (whenever he should arrive) that she would be there for us, would reach out to her network of doulas for more information on premature birth, and she would research more information on premature baby births. One of the scariest and hardest parts of being in antepartum was not knowing when I was in labor, but also when I felt contractions hoping they would stop so that my son would have the extra time inside. Cori was there for us completely (emotional support on the phone, visiting us in antepartum, and spending the night with us when we thought I was in labor). She really worked her magic when I went into actual labor. Never would I have imagined that Cori would be able to help us have the birth experience we imagined during one of the scariest and most challenging times of our lives. She created a beautifully calm environment, fully included my husband while also allowing him to rest, and literally held my hand through the night. Our birth experience was truly beautiful and made my relationship with my husband even stronger. I wish every family could start with Cori by their side!"here

"We truly can't say enough about how great it was to work with Cori. We interviewed another doula first, and we decided to go with Cori based on her incredibly warm and welcoming personality. We ended up having a very long 46 hour labor with lots of curve balls thrown at us and Cori was so present and so encouraging the entire time. Not only did she go above and beyond to support me during this difficult time, but she was instrumental in getting my husband through some scary parts. She made him feel at ease and helped him to be as efficient as possible throughout labor. I can honestly say that I don't think I would have made it through labor the way I did without Cori by my side. Not only is she a great doula, but she is also a beautiful person and we feel so blessed that she was able to play such a large role in the birth of our son. You will be so happy you chose Cori as your doula! (Also, she took the time to knit my son a beautiful green hat after he was born. We will treasure both it and our experience with Cori forever.)"


"I truly believe that Cori has the hardest job in the world. Her heart is SO big! Cori fills a void that is missing yet necessary in a mom’s birth story. These days the women geographically closest to an expectant mother aren’t always exactly what she needs (or wants!) during her pregnancy, birth and postpartum times. Cori is! She’s the friend, mom, grandma, sister, cousin, aunt and female extraordinaire that will support you and your family through the transition into mother hood. I wasn’t exactly sure what my needs were or what I wanted from a doula with my first pregnancy/birth. Cori, it turns out, knows what you need even if you don’t. She’s perfect. Before I had my first daughter Cori and Angela came over a few times. We chatted and had tea and discussed everything baby. It was like getting together with girlfriends, not someone you’ve hired to do a job! With my second baby Cori was the doula during birth. All I needed for support during that short birth were: kind words, hair bands, drinks of water and most importantly helping my husband be a great birth partner. She, of course, provided all of these beautifully. Cori listens to every word you say. I always felt “heard”. None of my concerns were silly or minimal to her. Her wealth of natural medicine knowledge makes it possible for a mom to have the healthiest pregnancy, birth and baby possible. To sum Cori up in a few words: supportive, understanding, patient, encouraging, funny, easy going, SMART, gentle, and compassionate. She understands that all families are different and require different care. She’s an angel sent to pregnant mom’s everywhere. Be careful when you hire her for you’ll find a spot in your heart that has been needing and missing her and you’ll want to keep her forever. I’ll never forget her and will always have a special spot in my heart for her. Cori is everything you will ever want in a doula. From the first time I met her, she never felt like a stranger. Cori is a breath of fresh spring air- She is cool, calm, and sweet. She is not simply my doula, she is now a friend. Cori is incredibly knowledgeable. She listened to my fears and gave me information when I needed it. I always felt heard, supported, and respected. She is HIGHLY intuitive. There were times in my labor when she was everything I needed without ever having to ask me to define my needs. I could always feel her presence and hear her words of encouragement. My birth was fast and intense yet natural and healing. She empowered me. She is invaluable."